Some Wall Street Antiques Inventory

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“You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy.” ~ Garth Brooks

Huge 6 foot long New York Subway Wall Street Sign. $2000

Not One But 2 Framed Original October 29, 1929 Stock Market Ticker Tapes. $3000 & $1800

The First Fortune Magazine February 1930. $275

The Second Fortune Magazine March 1930. $200

Rare King's Views Of New York Stock Exchange 1897-1898 Oversize HB Book~1061 Portraits and Illustrations. $200

Interpretation Of Financial Statements 1955 2nd Ed Hb w/ Dj by Benjamin Graham. $450

The Boston Post March 15, 1907 Large Banner Says Hundreds Of Millions Lost in Terrific Crash Of Stocks Traders In Fear Today Will Bring On A Market Panic. Pics of Gould, Hill, & Rogers w/ Drawing of panic. $450

The Baltimore News October 29, 1929 Large Banner Reads Rally Halts Early Stock Crash.$250

The Wall Street Journal October 18, 1929 No Banner Nice Pre Crash Collectable. $90

The Wall Street Journal October 19, 1929 No Banner Interesting Piece. $90

The San Diego Sun November 2, 1929 Front 4 Scenes As Stock Market Crashed. $300

The Des Moines Register October 25, 1929 July 24, 1949 Reprint Paper Banner Reads 12,800,000 Shares Are Sold Police Called, Ambulances Clang As Stocks Crash. Columns say Surging Crowd Jams "Street" In Sales Orgy. Half Of Loss Is Regained By The Close. $225

Sapula Herald October 28, 1929 Column Reads NY Stock Exchanges Bracing Up. $200

2 Henry Clews NY Financier Vintage Cigar Labels Gilt & Very Colorful Rare. $100

Henry Clews NY Financier Autographed Card Dated Aug 29, 1893. $175

Bernard Baruch Autograph To Mrs Florence Haud w/ best wishes Sept 12, 1958. $150

Bernard Baruch Autographed Smaller Printed Picture.$150

Another Bernard Baruch Autographed Printed Picture. $150

21 Random Stock Certificates. $50

Standard Sentinel October 5, 1929 Column Cover Article Wild Scramble to Sell Sends Stock Prices Downward. $225

Standard Sentinel October 4, 1929 Column Cover Article Reads Drastic Decline In Stock. $225

Standard Sentinel October 17, 1929 Column Cover Article Reads Stock Market Hit By Selling Deluge. $225

Standard Sentinel October 26, 1929 Banner Headline Reads Stable Prices And Orderly Trading Returned To A Severely Punished Stock Market Yesterday. Powerful Support Was Thrown Into Stock Market As Wall Street Grouped Its Way Out Of Darkness Of Stampede. Pic Of Excited Investors Throng Wall Street As Market Crashes. $375

Standard Sentinel November 14, 1929 Huge Banner Headline Reads Prices On New York Securities Markets Sank To New Low Levels For Third Consecutive Day. Nice! $475

Standard Sentinel October 30, 1929 Huge Banner All Records For Stock Trading Broken. Powerful Financial Interests Struggle With Panic-stricken Public To Save Stock Market From Complete Demoralization. $425

Standard Sentinel October 29, 1929 Huge Banner Prices Of Stock Again Collapse. Wall Street Continued To Weed Out Weakened Speculative Accounts. $375

The World October 27, 1929 Huge Graphic Drawing Titled Honey. Comical Pic Of Bear Eating Honey Out Of Pot Labeled Stock Market. Very Classy. $400

The National Farm News Red Banner Headline Wall Street Routed February 1934. One Of My Favorites. $325

New York Sun April 13, 1913 Fourth Section Full Page Picture Of JP Morgan JR. $325

New York World October 25, 1929 Half Banner 12 Million Shares Dumped In Worst Of Wall St. Panics; Leaders Stem Selling Wave. $350

Allentown, PA Chronicle And News October 30, 1929 Headline Reads Stock Market In Brisk Rally As Upward Trend Supplants Past Weeks Selling Frenzy. Large Graphic Drawing Floor Of NY Stock Exchange When Frenzied Trading Was At Its Height. $450

The Coldwater Daily Reporter October 30, 1929 Cover Column Headline Stock Market Hits Bottom-Starts Climb. $325

The Omaha Morning Bee October 31, 1929 Banner Headline Stocks Crash Laid To Prosperity Boom. $350

The Kansas City Journal September 17, 1929 Huge Banner Wall St. Outrage Due To Bomb. $375

The New York Times October 25, 1929 Half Banner Reads Worst Stock Crash Stemmed By Banks; 12,894,650 Share Day Swamps Market; Leaders Confer, Find Conditions Sound. Very Desirable. $500

The Lynchburg Virginian March 2, 1881. Small Column Reads Black Friday A Panic Among The Bulls On Wall Street. Front Page Only. $285

The Wall Street Journal October 22, 1929 No Banner. Nice Paper To Have. $175

The Baltimore News October 24, 1929 Huge Banner Reads Stocks Rebound After Crash. $325

The Wall Street Journal October 21, 1929 No Banner But Nice Desirable Issue. $175

Toronto Mail And Empire October 24, 1929 Small Column States Stocks Dumped On Local Mart. $150

The Des Moines Register May 5, 1928 Huge Banner Reads General Motors Reaches 205. Smaller Column States Many Stocks Soar To New Highs. $200

The New York World October 30, 1929 Huge Half Banner Reads Rally Ends New Record Day; 16,388,700 Shares Traded; Administration Seeks Relief. $425

The Dallas Morning News October 25, 1929 Banner Reads Bankers Check Stock Collapse After Record Sales Stampede. $375

The New York World September 17, 1920 Very Classy Very Huge Headline Wall St Explosion Kills 25; Injures 132; Clues Indicate Bomb With Timing Device; $2,500,000 Loss; Morgan Office Wrecked. Huge Picture Of First View After The Explosion Showing Crowds Gathered On Wall Street. $500

Philadelphia, PA The North American September 17, 1920 Huge Banner 30 Known Dead, 200 Hurt In Wall Street Explosion; Disaster Attributed To TNT Bomb Filled With Iron Slugs w/ 3 Large Pictures. $475

The St Louis Republic December 19, 1899 Large Quarter Column Headline Reads Wall Street In A Frenzy. Stocks Shrink 100,000,000 In Value In One Day's Panicky Operations. $475

The New York Times October 26, 1929 Headline Reads Stocks Gain As Market Is Steadied; Bankers Pledge Continued Support; Hoover Says Business Basis Is Sound. $575

The Atlanta Constitution October 31, 1929 Cover Page Only Rockefeller Quits Retirement To Aid Bankers Stop Market Crash And Turn Stocks Upward. $325

The Dallas Morning News October 24, 1929 Headline Reads Deluge Of Selling Crashes Stocks In Last Hour Trading. $425

The New York Times Very Old Framed October 25, 1929 Cover Only Headline Worst Stock Crash Stemmed By Banks; 12,864,650 Share Day Swamps Market; Leaders Confer Find Conditions Sound. $625

Professionally Framed & Matted Baltimore Post October 29, 1929 Banner Headline Reads Stocks Plunge In New Break. Very Nice. $1275

Long Island Newsday October 27, 1987 Color Graphic Where's The Bottom Down Plunges 156.8 As Recession Fear Builds; Foreign Markets Tumble. $150

Syracuse Post-Standard October 29, 1929 Banner Headline Reads Bankers Confer After Stocks Slump. $435

2 Of The Washington Post October 20, 1987 Banner Headline Reads Stock Market Suffers Largest Loss In History As Dow Industrials Average Drops 508 Points. $150 Ea

Philadelphia Daily News October 20, 1987 Banner Reads Morning Trading Frenzied Volume Exceeding Record Pace. $150

The New York Times October 20, 1987 Stocks Plunge 508 Points, A Drop Of 22.6% 604 Million Volume Nearly Doubles Record. Sections A & B Only Missing Sections C & D $150

New York Daily News Tuesday October 20, 1987 Huge Picture Cover Panic Dow Plunges Through Floor 508 Points. $135

New York Daily News October 21, 1987 After The Fall Up 102. $100

New York Daily News October 25, 1987 Sunday Business Special Report Section. $100

New York Daily News October 27, 1987 Dow Down 156. $100

The Wall Street Shuffle UK Sheet Music And 45 Record By Stewart & Gouldman. $75

The Des Moines Register March 17, 2000 Headline Reads Dow Rides 499 Point Rocket. $50

USA Today March 15, 2001 Headline Reads Markets Sink Further. $40

Worn Saturday Evening Post August 17, 1957 Bernard Baruch Tells His Own Story Magazine. $30

Life Magazine June 5, 1970 Cover Bear Graphic On Stock Quote Page Headline Reads Inflation, Recession, and A Frantic Bear Market. $50

The San Antonio Express News March 15, 2001 Dow Under 10,000 Wall St. Skid Lengthens As Investors Bail Out. $45

The Dallas Morning News March 15, 2001 Dow Falls Below 10,000. $45

New York Post Saturday April 15, 2000 Very Classy Bears Rule As Markets Suffer Worst Day Ever MAUL STREET. Large Graphic Of A Bear Attacking A Bull. $200

New York Times April 15, 2000 Stock Market In Steep Drop As Worried Investors Flee; NASDAQ Has Worst Week. Dow Is Down 618. $50

The Wall Street Journal April 17, 2000.

8 Complete Copies Of The Philadelphia Inquirer October 20, 1987~Huge Exciting Banner Reads Dow Dives 508.32 Points In Panic On Wall Street. $175 Ea

The Financial Times March 13, 2001 Stocks Plunge On Profit Warnings. $35

3 Copies Of USA Today March 13, 2001 Historic Dive On Wall Street Dow down 4.1 NASDAQ 6.3 S&P 4.3. Nice Graph Down Graphic. $40 ea

Investors Business Daily March 13, 2001 No Real Headline, but Historic Day. $20

New York Times March 13, 2001 Markets Plunge in Wide Sell-off NASDAQ Falls 6%. $45

The Dallas Morning News March 13, 2001 Tech-Ladden NASDAQ Dives To 2-Year Low. $45

San Antonio Express News March 13, 2001 Bottom Falls Out Of Market. $25

Houston Chronicle March 13, 2001 Its A Bear, Dow Falls 436 Points. $50

The Wall Street Journal March 13, 2001 No Headline But Historic. $30

The Austin American Statesman March 13, 2001 Wall Street Stunned By Rapid Sell-Off. $35

Very Classy New York Daily News May 30, 1962 Gigantic Headline Stock Prices Bounce Back Huge Turnover Ticker 2 1/2 Hours Late. Large Floor Stock Exchange Takes up Rest Of Page. $350

Quad City Times December 24, 1999 A Record Setter On Wall Street. $40

The Kentucky Post 1st Section October 20, 1987 Local Market-Watchers Calm, Confident. $100

Barron's February 17, 1997 Hello Dow 7,000 How High Can He Go. Graphic Bull Pole Vaulting On Uptrending Chart Line. $75

Barron's July 14, 1997 Almost There: Dow 8000. $75

2 Copies Of The Wall Street Journal March 30, 1999 Rare Banner Reads Dow Industrials Top 10,000. $125 Ea

Capital Gains Pamphlet 31 New Major Forecasts And Moneymaking Ideas Dow Forecast 1986-89. $40

The Wall Street Journal October 28, 1997 Bloody Monday Stocks Plummet 7%. $75

The Wall Street Journal October 29, 1997 Shopping Spree Dow Gains 4.7%. $75

The Wall Street Journal October 16, 1989 Stock Market Braces For A Crucial Test. $75

The South Bend Tribune May 29, 1962 Buying Reverses Trend Of Market. $150

The South Bend Tribune May 31, 1962 Stock Prices Spin Upward. $150

The Wall Street Journal May 31, 1962. $125

4 Fortune Magazines 500 Largest US Corporations 1967, 1960, 1969, 1962 $60 All

Fortune Magazine 1965 200 Largest Corporations Outside US $20

8 Copies Of The Wall Street Journal October 20, 1987 Stocks Plunge 508.32 Amid Panicky Selling. $150 Ea

Investor's Daily October 20, 1987 Worst Day In Modern Times Dow Off 508 On 605 Million. $200

New York Daily News April 15, 2000 Black Friday Dow Down 618 Points Nasdaq Down 355. $75

Brooklyn Daily Eagle October 29, 1929 Reissue Wall St In Panic As Stocks Crash. $25 SOLD

Amarillo Daily News March 13, 2001 Nasdaq Falls Below 2000, Dow Skids 400. $40

Milton Friedman Autographed Picture Oct 27, 1980. $300

Donald Trump George Magazine March 2000. $25

Michael Price Fortune Magazine December 1996. $35

The Internet Stock Bubble US News January 1999. $20

Warren Buffett Fortune Magazine March 2001. $25

How Now Dow Jones Playbill Magazine February 1968. $35

Very Nice February 2000 Millionaire Magazine Donald Trump Cover~Signed By Trump. $300

Newsweek Magazine June 28, 1966 The Worries Of Wall Street Downtrending Market Graph Superimposed on NYC Skyline. $150

Newsweek June 8, 1970 Wall Street In A Whirl. NY Exchange Floor Picture. $75

Newsweek September 9, 1974 The Big Bad Bear~Colorful Drawing Of Large Bear Tearing Down The NY Stock Exchange On Cover. $100

Time December 9, 1974 Recession's Greetings Ragged Santa. PS There's Some Good News Too. $100

Newsweek April 27, 1998 Like It Or Not You're Married To The Market. Bull In Wedding Dress Graphic Cover. $60

Time June 1, 1962 Bear Attacking Bull Amid a Shower Of Ticker Tape. $85

Newsweek August 21, 1961 New Bull Market Bull & Ticker Machine Cover $85

Time November 21, 1955 NY Stock Exchange President Funston w/ Bull, Stock Certificates, & Ticker Tape. $65

Time September 6, 1982 Wall Street Ole The Economy Eh Bull Graphic w/ Ticker Tape Cover $60

Time June 5, 1950 Wall Street Bull He Fattened Up On Blue Chips~Bull Graphic w/ Ticker Tape. $100

Life Magazine May 11, 1959 Smaller Print Top Stratospheric Stock Market: Profits, High Pressure, Danger. $40

Life Magazine June 8, 1962 What Went Wrong In The Wild Stock Market. $40

The Magazine Of Wall Street April 10, 1926 What Will The Next Market Move Be w/ Graph.$60

The Magazine Of Wall Street May 22, 1926 The Best Railroad Shares To Buy Today. $60

The Magazine Of Wall Street March 23, 1929 What Next In The Market? $60

The Magazine Of Wall Street March 8, 1930 Prospective Stock Split-Ups. $60

The Magazine Of Wall Street January 30, 1926 A New Road To Profit In Securities; Dillon Financier Extraordinary. $60

2 Copies Of Time November 2, 1987 Huge~The Crash~After A Wild Week On Wall Street The World Is Different. $60 Ea

Newsweek November 2, 1987 After The Crash. $60 Ea

Fortune Magazine February 1932. $75

Janus Mutual Funds Signed 1999 Prospectus & Report. $50

December 27, 1999 Forbes Large Letters State Everyone Ought To Be Rich. $75

True July 1961 Stock Market Wisdom From A Wizard Of Wall Street Gerald Loeb Article. $50

Time March 26, 2001 Looking Beyond The Bear~Bear w/ Briefcase Graphic. $40

Time November 10, 1985 High Tech Bull Half Bear Cover. $45

How To Make $100,000,000 In A Hurry By Jeno Paulucci 1969 HB w/ Dj Signed By Paulucci. $60

Understanding Put And Call Options by Filer 1965 HB w/ Dj 7th Pr.

Wall Street And Regulation by Samuel Hayes Harvard Business School 1987 HB w/ Dj 1st.

The Silver Bears by Paul Erdman 1974 HB w/ Dj In Cover 1st Ed.

Laws Of Success Napoleon Hill 1969 HB no Dj.

Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham 1962 HB w/ Dj 4th Ed.

How To Invest In Bonds by Hugh C. Sherwood 1974 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Anyone Can Make A Million by Morton Shulman 1966 HB w/ Dj 4th Pr.

Up Against The Wall (Street) by James Blumgarten 1972 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

How To Get Rich Buying Stocks by Ira Cobleigh 1959 HB w/ Dj 3rd Pr.

The Stock Market Barometer by W.P. Hamilton 1922 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Riches Of The Kingdom by Grace Crowell 1954 HB w/ Dj.

History Of The Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers 1937 HB w/ Dj.

Investment Analysis And Management by Plum and Humphrey 1951 1st Ed 1st Pr.

Introduction To Investments by John Clendenin 1950 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Worn Outline Of Economics Richard Ely 1923 4th Ed.

Adam Smith The Money Game 1968 HB w/Dj 10th Pr.

The ABC Of Wall Street By Harvey Sieg 1939 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

The Crash Of 1979 by Paul Erdman 1976 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Land Labor And Wealth by Ellen Winsor 1942 HB w/ Dj.

How To Make Money In Stocks by William Oneil 1988 HB w/ Dj 2nd Pr.

Where Are The Customers Yachts by Fred Schwed Jr. 1955 Hb w/ Dj Bull Market 2nd Ed 1st Pr.

American Economic History by Lance Davis 1963 2nd Pr.

The Day The Bubble Burst A Social History Of The Wall Street Crash Of 1929 by Gordon Thomas 1979 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Business Fundamentals How To Be A Successful Businessman by Roger Babson BC Forbes Publishing 1927 Rev Ed HB no Dj.

Organized Business Knowledge by Joseph Johnson BC Forbes Publishing 1923 HB No Dj.

Rare: Planetary Effects On Stock Market Prices by James Langhame 1932 Hb w/ Fragile Dj. ~ SOLD

Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham 1962 HB No Dj 4th Ed.

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 1968 HB w/ Dj.

The Power Of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale 1953 HB w/ Dj 7th Pr.

Monkey Business Swinging Through The Wall Street Jungle. By John Rolfe & Peter Troob 2000 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

The Sophisticated Investor by Burton Crane 1963 PB 10th Pr.

Once In Golconda by John Brooks 1969 HB w/ Dj.

Bernard Baruch Portrait Of A Citizen by WL White 1950 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

A History Of Economic Doctrines by Gided & Rist HB No Dj 2nd Ed.

A Treasury Of Wall Street Wisdom by Harry Schultz 1966 HB w/ Dj.

The First Hundred Thousand by Ian Hay 1916 HB No Dj.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 1941 HB No Dj.

Prosperity by Charles Fillmore 1937 HB w/ Dj 2nd Ed.

The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need By Andrew Tobias 1978 HB w/ Dj.

Profitable Investing by John Moody 1925 BC Forbes HB No Dj.

Beating The Stock Market by R.W. McNeel 1929 HB No Dj 11th Pr.

The Wall Street Girl by Frederick Bartlett 1916 HB No Dj.

How To Spend Your Money by Earnest McCullough 1931 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Happiness Is A Stock That Doubles In A Year by Ira U. Cobleigh 1967 HB w/ Dj.

All The Millionaires by Alec Rackowe 1967 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Daily Stock Price Record New York Stock Exchange 1987 October November December. Standard & Poors.

Beating The Street 1993 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed Signed By Peter Lynch.

You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis by Harry Browne 1974 HB w/ Dj 3rd Pr.

Smart Money Shortcuts To Becoming Rich By Tyler Hicks 1967 Hb No Dj 4th Pr.

Quality Of Earnings by Thomas O'Glove 1987 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

The Desktop Encyclopedia Of Corporate Finance Accounting by Charles Woelfel 1987 HB w. Dj 1st Ed.

The Warren Buffett Way By Hagstrom Signed By Warren Buffett On Dj. SOLD

George Soros Business Card and Autographed Paper.

Techniques Of A Professional Commodity Chart Analyst by Arthur Skarew 1980 HB w/ Dj.

You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis by Harry Browne 1974 HB w/ Dj 2nd Pr.

The Book Of Investing Wisdom by Krass 1999 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Kroll On Futures Trading Strategy by Stanley Kroll 1988 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

The New Money Dynamics by Venita Van Caspel 1978 HB w/ Dj.

The Stock Index Futures Market A Trader's Insights and Strategies by Thomas Byrne Jr. 1987 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

The New Economics Keynes' Influence On Theory And Public Policy Edited by Harris 1947 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Hot Money by Dick Francis 1988 Hb w/ Dj 1st Amer Ed.

Financial Management Theory and Practice by Eugene Brigham 1979 HB No Dj 2nd Ed.

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie 1937 HB No Dj 20th Pr #408,222.

Health & Wealth by Elbert Hubbard Worn 1908 HB.

The Lion Of Wall Street by Jack Dreyfus 1996 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

2 1934 Huge Law Books.

All in A Days Work Cartoons From The Wall Street Journal 1966 Hb w/ Dj 1st Ed.

How Self Made Millionaires Build Their Fortunes by Scott Witt 1979 HB w/ Dj.

How To Survive A Spastic Economy by David E. Rhoads 1978 Hb w/ Dj 5th Pr.

The World Of The Wall Street Journal by Charles Preston 1959 Ex lib Hb No Dj 1st Ed.

How To Think Like A Millionaire And Get Rich by Howard Hill 1969 HB w/ Dj 4th Pr.

Successful Investing In An Age Of Envy By Gary North 1981 HB w/ Dj.

The General Semantics Of Wall Street by John Magee 1964 Hb w/ Dj 1st Ed 5th Pr

How To Make Profits In Commodities by WD Gann 1976 HB w/ Dj.

Stock Market Strategy For Consistent Profits by Raymond Righetti 1980 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

The Roaring 80's by Adam Smith 1988 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Truth Of The Stock Tape by WD Gann 1976 HB w/ Dj.

The Dowbeaters by Ira Cobleigh 1979 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

American Economic History by Harold Faulkner 1960 HB No Dj 8th Ed.

Star Money by Kathleen Winsor 1950 HB no Dj.

The Rich Are Different by Susan Hotwatch 1977 HB No Dj.

Pennies And Millions by Dorothy Armbruster 1962 Hb no Dj.

The Battle For Stock Market Profits by Gerald M Loeb 1971 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

Stock Index Futures And Options by William Nix 1984 HB w/ Dj.

Beating The Street by Peter Lynch 1993 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Beating The Street by Peter Lynch 1993 HB w/ Dj 6th Ed.

You Can't Lose Trading Commodities by Robert F. Wiest 1994 HB w/ Dj.

Moneypower How To Make Inflation Make You Rich by Ben Stein 1979 HB w/ Dj.

Winning With Money by Beryl Sprinkel 1977 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

You Can Profit From A Monetary Crisis by Harry Browne 1974 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

Modern Commodity Futures Trading by Gerald Gold 1966 HB w/ Dj 4th Ed

One Way For Wall Street by James Stone 1975 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

The Great Crash by John Galbraith 1955 HB w/ Dj.

Laws Of Success by Napoleon Hill 1960 HB No Dj.

RN Elliott's Market Letters Edited by Robert Prechter 1993 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

The Big Hitters Interviews With The World's Formost Market Movers by Kevin Koy 1986 HB w/ Dj.~Sold 1/28 2003

The Dynamic Laws Of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder 1963 HB w/ Dj 3rd Pr.

ABC Of Investing by RC Effinger 1947 HB w/ Dj.

The Individual Investor Revolution by Charles Carlson 1998 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Money Making Money by David Kennedy 1987 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Business Barometers And Investment by Roger Babson 1952 HB w/ Dj 6th Ed.

Money Mad by Rex Beach 1931 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

The Billion Dollar Brain by Len Deighton 1966 HB Ex Lib No Dj.

The Quest For Wealth by Robert Heilbroner 1956 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

The Practical Economist by Burton Crane 1960 HB No Dj 1st Pr.

Principles Of Investment by John Kirshman 1925 HB No Dj 2nd Pr.

Buffettology by Mary Buffett 1997 HB w/ Dj 3rd Pr.

The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley 1997 HB w/ Dj.

Financing American Industry EHH Simmons President Of NY Stock Exchange 1930 HB No Dj Signed To Robert Palmer By EHH Simmons.

Mr Baruch by Margaret Coit 1957 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr Says To Marianne from a dear friend B Baruch Wrote In Pen Printed Not Cursive.

Rogues to Riches The Trouble With Wall Street by Murray Teigh Bloom 1971 HB w/ Dj Ex lib.

Bulls Bears And Dr Freud Why You Win Or Lose On The Stock Market by Albert Haas 1967 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

The 5 Great Rules Of Selling by Percy Whiting 1957 HB w/ Dj 12th Pr.

The Embezzler by Louis Auchincloss 1966 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

Beating The Street by Peter Lynch 1993 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

The Hidden Stock Market How To Pick $5 Stocks That Can Double In 6-12 Month by Ira Cobleigh 1980 HB w/ Dj 2nd Ed.

Gathering Assets by Nick Murray 1995 PB.

How To Live And Work Successfully With People In Business by Helpner 1952 HB No Dj.

Million Dollar Duck by Vic Crume 1971 PB 1st Pr.

Analyzing Financial Statements by Clifton Kreps 1978 HB No Dj.

Billions Blunders And Baloney by Eugene Castle 1955 HB w/ Dj 2nd Pr.

Pennies And Millions by Dorothy Armbruster 1962 HB w/ Dj.

The Wolf Of Wall Street by Blake McVeigh 1929 HB No Dj.

Financial Organization and Management by Charles Gerstenberg 2nd Ed 1932 HB No Dj.

The Mind Of The Market by Charles Smith 1981 HB w/ Dj.

Understanding Put And Call Options by Herbert Filer 1966 PB.

How To Buy Stocks by Louis Engle 1983 PB.

Principles Of Political Economy by Daugherty Vol 1 & 2 1950 HB No Dj.

Rare The Richest Man In Babylon 1930 Paperback by George Clason 1st Ed.

Aunt Jane McPhipps And Her Baby Blue Chips by Frances Rummel 1960 HB No Dj.

Vesco The Story Of The Biggest Securities Fraud Of Modern Times-The Looting Of IOS by Robert Hutchinson 1974 HB w/ Dj.

Mellon's Millions The Life And Times Of Andrew Mellon by Harvey O'Connor 1933 HB No Dj.

The Road Of Ambition by Elaine Sterne 1917 HB No Dj.

Triumph by John Kenneth Galbraith 1968 HB w/ Dj & Water Dam.

Super Money by Adam Smith 1972 HB No Dj.

The Moneyman by Thomas Costain 1947 HB No Dj 1st Ed.

Mr Baruch by Coit 1957 Hb No Dj 1st Ed.

Elliot Wave Principle by Frost And Prechter 1978 HB w/ Dj In Cover Signed By Robert Prechter.

50 Wall Street by Vartanig G. Vartan 1968 w/ Dj 4th Pr.

The Wall Street Jungle by Richard Ney 1970 HB w/ Dj 4th Pr.

Big Time Opportunities And Strategies That Turn Pennies Into Millions by Forrest Frantz 1973 HB w/ Dj.

Why, When, and How To Go Public by Scott Hutchinson 1970 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

The Go Go Years by John Brooks 1973 HB w/ Dj 2nd Pr.

Wall Street Men And Money by Martin Mayer Old Rev Ed Printed In Gr Britain.

Paul Erdman Zero Coupon 1993 HB w/ Dj 1st Ed.

Investment Biker by Jim Rogers 1994 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

The Stock Market by Dice & Eiteman 1941 Hb No Dj

How I Made $2,000,000 In The Stock Market by Nicolas Darvas 1960 HB No Dj 4th Pr.

$100 Gets You Started Market Secrets For The Small Investor by Richard Silverman 1965 HB w/ Dj 1st Pr.

A History Of Economic Thought by Overton Taylor 1960 Hb No Dj.

The Moneyman by Thomas Costain 1947 HB No Dj.

The 14 Point Method For Beating The Market by William O'Connor 1972 HB No Dj.

The Accountancy Of Investment by Sprague and Perrine 1918 HB No Dj.

2 Ezra Brooks Stock Market Ticker Whiskey Decanters.

An Original 1953 Debut Playboy Marilyn Monroe Pinup.

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