This old stock scan might have been worth a damn. You dig through it. Use yahoo. Find something please send money.

Fr ffex unib tiii crc dwch cne iaic.ob efh btyh.ob iig opto.ob ich afpc.ob amph auto.ob dfz cbex.ob crli.ob artl iehc.ob sodi.ob telt.ob tiii urgi aris.ob avca.ob negi.ob qmrk.ob escl itex.ob cne iaic.ob ciwt.ob wstf atsx.ob iply.ob alrg.ob aey russe.ob cdgef.ob mpad.ob daat.ob tkc

Want to listen to music while working listen to This.

Whats on that index3.htm ticker...Ener hygs oxy jsda trt scld resy petd olab svl jade inmd inod hoc wwat. Wonder how those did?

Energy Conversion Devices ~ That Sucked

Hydrogenics ~ That Sucked

Occidental Petroleum ~ That Worked

Jones Soda ~ That Was Interesting

Trio Tech ~ That Seemed Interesting

Steelcloud ~ They Just Got A 400K Order But Look Like A Cash Flow Problem. Perhaps they have it fixed, might have been interesting.

Reconditioned Systems ~ Looks Like A 10K reading waiting to happen. Why they on the pinks now. Perhaps they would make a good shell.

Petroleum Development ~ That Isn't all too interesting.

Ora Labs ~ Says OraLabs Holding Corp. Prior to Reverse Merger With Partner Success Holdings Limited wonder if that was worthy of that dang java bandwith hog ticker.

Perhaps it is time to change it again. Someone do a scan. Can't remember my darn password.

When the whorehouse burns down, even the pretty girls have to run out - Warren Buffett

"How many investments can you afford that earn you $300 a month?" The obvious answer is, "As many as I can find." ~ "Robert Kiyosaki" "Why the Rich Get Richer"

All things happen for a reason. What to do next?